Exquisite poster-prints of raw edibles



We see nature as something special and want to emphasize that, by portraying our foods and daily nutrition with the beauty and dignity that the growth possesses.
We do not beautify the growths, instead we emphasize the beauty of imperfection in nature.


We believe that the world need to see the ingredients of our diet as living plants and not just commodities.


FENNIKEL FOOD/PRINTS work with elegant and raw pictures shaped as still life, educational posters or single growth portraits.



The posters are printed with archival ink on high quality either 265 gr. mat 100% cotton Fine Art photo paper or mat 230 gr ink jet paper.


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We do wholesale but our B2B site is not ready yet. So if interested in a pricelist please contact us info@madplakat.dk

The sizes available follow European standards: 30x40, 40x50, 50x70 and 70x100 cm. 


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Signe Vad
Valdemarsgade 81
1665 København V

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compagny: SiV (MAD/PLAKAT)
CVR nr.: 27257763
Valdemarsgade 81
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FENNIKEL FOOD/PRINTS is based on a collaboration between foodstylist Michelle Appelros and visual artist Signe Vad

"Since we found each others, we dreamed of making something together. We are both creative and innovative initiators. We talk a lot about nature and the conditions for food production today. We oppose to how nature is streamlined making all growth into products for our needs and how raw materials become transformed to fit our demands.
FENNIKEL FOOD/PRINTS is our way of giving the raw materials of nature back their dignity and not just let regard them as mass-produced commodities. "